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My husband and I are in our 80’s and when my cardiologist recommended IN-FIT Studio, I was skeptical because I had never worked out before. It was the best thing we have ever done for ourselves! I have more mobility, I am much stronger and I feel so much healthier. Thank you Kip and everyone at IN-FIT.

Mildred and Buddy

I have been working out with Kip Jawish since 1989- sometimes as early as 5 a.m. to accommodate my work schedule. How many trainers would do that? IN-FIT trainers are professionals, caring, motivational and educational.
The clientele as well as the trainers are a family, joking and challenging each other. We are all committed to our warrant. Whining Not allowed! After having 5 coronary artery stents, I am working out 5 days a week for 1.5 hours, I’m more committed than ever.

Lee Stern (a.k.a “Bunny”)

IN-FIT Studio offers a unique and effective training experience unrivaled by any other fitness gym on the market. While I have trained and worked out at other places my experience at IN-FIT is by far the most fun and rewarding. Their professionals are highly skilled in identifying and correcting alignment problems in the body and with their help I am running pain-free and reclaiming my health. This Spring, I am looking forward to competing in my first ever sprint triathlon. Something I would never have dreamed of doing 6 months ago. I look forward to working with the professionals at IN-FIT for a long time and would recommend them to anyone serious about their fitness and health.

Michelle Leveque

Who could ever have thought that physical fitness could be SO much fun? You have made it fun as well as invigorating. I love the way you explain the rationale behind the rigorous exercises we do. Not only do I feel terrific, I look that way too. BODY BY KIP!

Jill B. Cody, MA

IN-FIT has had a significant impact on the quality of my life. Last year, I was in constant pain from my lower back. I could not sleep due to the pain and I could not sit for long periods of time. I was too young to be feeling this kind of pain! I knew I had to take drastic action because if I did not change, I was going down a path I would not like in 10 years. I visited every gym in Frederick and interviewed 11 personal trainers. All wanted to plug me into their “cookie-cutter program” of lifting weights. At IN-FIT, I found functional fitness, a combination of stretching, calisthenics, aerobics, and Pilates. A year later and I feel ten years younger and sleep better every night because I no longer experience lower back pain. I wish I had known about IN-FIT 20 years ago, I would have stopped weight lifting and worked out the IN-FIT way!

Kenneth J Dwyer, PhD
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