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Territory Foods

IN-FIT Studio is proud to announce the next great opportunity for you to Fuel Up! It is a program called Territory Foods and it means you can now sign up to get real chef cooked meals pickup right here at the gym. Easy, real food.

Get a discount with your first order when you use this link – www.territoryfoods.com

How Territory Foods Works

1. Talented local chefs cook meals for you

A network of independent local chefs brings their special sauce to the crafting of yum meals for you. More taste, less boredom, better results. Sort of like a great restaurant rotation sans the reservations.

2. We deliver straight to the fridge at IN-FIT Studio.

Select once a week or twice a week delivery (Monday & Thursday).

3. Using the really good (whole) stuff

Antibiotic-free and naturally raised meats, nutrient dense veggies, heart healthy fats… great (often locally sourced) ingredients in creative dishes that’ll fuel you up so you can do more of what you love.

4. Easy/quick customizing to your plan

Find the right portion size, pursue a specific nutritional profile, avoid certain ingredients… you can set preferences and choose meals from any menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner) we offer each week.

Call us if you have questions, or use the link above to get started on your meal plan right here at the gym!

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