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Hello brave new world!

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Well I have finally done it, I’m a blogger. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Love them or hate them, networking sites on the internet are here and here to stay and we need to learn how to use them to not only keep in touch but also to educate ourselves and broaden our horizons. We also need to remember how to disconnect from our computers and phones and reconnect with the real world; run, play, get outside and enjoy nature. The new year brings a clean slate and new opportunities, but we need a plan to help keep us on track.

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions, yet after a few days or weeks we lose our mojo and our well-intentioned plans fall to the way-side. What can we do this year to make 2010 different? Here is our 5 point plan for success…..

  1. Goal Setting: You not only need to have a realistic and measureable long term goal, for example lose 50 pounds, but you also need daily, weekly and monthly goals. Just looking at the long term goal can be intimidating, “I can’t lose 50 pounds!” But if you realize that you only have to lose less than one pound per week, the long term goal seems more achievable.
  2. Write ‘em down: By writing your goals down and posting them where you will see them on a daily basis, it makes you more accountable and keeps you focused.
  3. Help!!: It is hard to accomplish your goals alone. Tell your family and friends and ask for their help and support. They can keep you on track and they will be less likely to sabotage your goals if they understand how important this is to you. Who knows, they may just join you!
  4. Reward yourself: Whether it is a weekly or monthly goal, reward yourself for your successes. It can be as simple as a relaxing bubble bath, flowers or a movie for short-term goals or as elaborate as a health-filled spa weekend for fulfilling your six month goal.

Keep in touch and I will try to bring you health and fitness tips that you can use in your busy life to help keep you moving forward, one step at a time. Here’s to a great 2010!

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